HN Halloween 2014: The 25 Best Reader-Submitted Costumes

All October you’ve been submitting your horsey Halloween costumes to our Instagram and on the forum. Here are the top 25. Happy Halloween, Horse Nation!

#HNHalloween A photo posted by Patrick schaaf (@patricktheminihorse) on

#lolaalldressedup #halloweenthrowback #equestrian #horse #pony

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From forum contributor Firenze23: “Brando in his FIRST class at his FIRST show ever. Tell me who’s really the angel and who’s really the devil!” firenze

Cruella De Ville and a Dalmatian 🙂 #horsenation #HNHalloween

A photo posted by Ashlyn And Amadeus (@halfpasslass) on

From forum contributor Webcutey: “SUPER MULE!!!” webcutey 

Apple pie and I dress up every year. I couldn’t pick one, I have a few more that aren’t pictured:) #horsenation #HNhalloween A photo posted by Courtney Earnhart (@serenitys_secret) on

Happy Halloween from me and my trusty steed!

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From forum contributor CFJSmith: “My daughter Hailey (7 Years old) and our old POA Katie (24ish?) as Cruella Deville and her Dalmatian. She enjoyed every minute of this from her wig to the eyebrows and to painting her pony into a Dalmatian, including braiding her tail to look like a puppy dog’s tail. Katie just stood there as if she was thinking yup she’s just my horse crazy rider.” cru 

From forum contributor Kellyhanson: “We went with the Finding Nemo theme this year.” finding nemo 

#tb to glittering Franko A photo posted by Paige Labuda (@paigelabuda) on

#HNHalloween #horsenation were smurfs!

A photo posted by Macayla & Champ (@ilovetoblerone) on

From forum contributor Liz: “I had some fun with the clippers this year and made him a cutie mark. A little hair chalk and an old cowboy hat and I have a bonafide Apple Jack from My Little Pony!”

From forum contributor TCKcrystal: “My Little Pony. We were Megan and Sundance.”
my little pony 

Couple of beach bums. #l #HNHalloween A photo posted by Anna (@brodoswaggins1) on

#horses #Dream #NativeAmerican #riding

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From reader Amy Lakatos:
amy lakatos 

#horsenation A photo posted by beth bazzle (@bbazzle_) on


From reader Tina Johnson:
tina johnson

Happy Halloween! Go riding!

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