4 Creepy Clips by Greta Alexandra Oskolkov-Schneider

Check out these hair-raising clip jobs.

You may remember Greta, the 20-year-old body clipping phenom whom we profiled last winter. For her business, Greta Clip, she travels around the lower North Island of New Zealand clipping horses — and occasionally she gets commissioned to take on a project that’s off the beaten path or decides to experiment on her own horse Cricket.

Like when she turned him into a skeleton:


A video of Greta working “in the studio:”:

There was also this spiderweb:


This devilish quarter mark:


And her latest project, from just last week, a “dragonpony”:


Thank you for sharing, Greta! For more information and to keep up with Greta’s latest work, “Like” Greta Clip on Facebook here.


Happy Halloween, and Go Riding!


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