Tuesday Video From Dubarry: Jimmy Kimmel’s Horse Pants

Watch the comedian pitch his bizarre idea on a recent episode of “Shark Tank.”

The premise of Shark Tank, if you haven’t seen it is, that aspiring entrepreneurs seeking investments for their business or product pitch their ideas to a panel of potential investors, called “sharks.” Jimmy Kimmel provided some comic relief on Friday’s show.

Kimmel’s pitch: “Years ago, I took my family to a petting zoo and I was disturbed by what I saw and, more importantly, what my family saw. Every animal there was naked. Buck naked. My family was uncomfortable and I’m sure the animals were uncomfortable too.” Hence, horse pants, which he calls “the future of equine fashion.”

I dunno, Jimmy.

Many thanks to Lindsey for the tip!

Of course, it’s not the first time in recent history a late-night TV host hasn’t gone equestrian. Jimmy Fallon had his #KentuckyDerbyRap tweets and his infamous interview with 2013 Kentucky Derby winner Orb.

Conan O’Brien took us on a tour of Martha Stewart’s New York horse farm…

…David Letterman rode a horse through NYC, Jay Leno featured a performance by Cavalia, and soon-to-be Tonight Show Stephen Colbert?


He really doesn’t have anything left to prove.

Go Dubarry. Go Riding!



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