7 Problems Only Short Riders Will Understand

Being vertically challenged is hard enough, but for those of us who have chosen a sport predicated on telling 1,000+ pound animals what to do? The struggle is real.

All photos courtesy of Leslie Wylie.

As someone who measures 5’1″ on a big-hair day, I read Kristen Kovatch’s post from earlier this week, 7 Problems Only Tall Riders Will Understand, with only the faintest twinge of sympathy. Oh, you can’t find breeches long enough to fit your supermodel-length legs? That must be so frustrating. Here, let me play you a song on the world’s smallest violin.

We short riders, on the other hand, have for-real issues to deal with. Here are a few problems we encounter on a basically constant basis:

People see you from a distance and confuse you for a kid.

Here I am (green shirt) surrounded by a group of Pony Clubbers, conducting a rating. All but one of them are taller than me, and I think he was like 6. Awesome.

Jumps look extra big.

And when the jumps actually ARE big… no thanks.

You have the same stirrup length as a 12-year-old.

I take that back — I’ve actually had to LENGTHEN my stirrups for 12-year-olds before.

You’re the one who always gets stuck having to school naughty ponies.

Please, do not ask me to get on that thing.

People are always asking you if you ever thought about becoming a jockey.
Yeah, sure, let me just lose 30 pounds and get back to you.
Yeah, sure, let me just lose 30 pounds and get back to you.
You step out of your truck and trailer and people do a double-take.

No, I don’t have to sit on a stack of phone books to see over the steering wheel. Very funny.

 You are constantly on the hunt for a mounting block.

Out in the middle of nowhere and you have to get off to open a gate? Comedy ensues.

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Go Riding.



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