Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak: Horse Names Equestrian Tag

You’re it!

Here’s the game: There are five questions…

1. What’s the name of the first horse you rode?
2. What’s the name of the first horse you leased/owned?
3. What’s the name of the naughtiest horse you’ve ever known?
4. What’s the name of your current horse?
5. What’s your favorite name for a horse?

…and if you get tagged (or if you just want to jump in and play!), answer them on video, post the video to YouTube and tag SmartPak so they can see your video. SmartPak is tagging some of their biggest and most loyal fans, so keep an eye on their YouTube channel – you just might get tagged!

These five SmartPakkers show us how its done:

OK… now I want to get in on the action!

And one more from HN’s weekend editor Carla Lake:

Your turn!

Go SmartPak, and Go Riding!




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