Marlinton, WV to Require Horse Diapers

No, not like these…but it was too ridiculous not to share.


Photo: Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue

When you gotta go, you gotta go–but don’t do it in the streets of Marlinton, WV.

Now the town of just over 1000 people requires any horse ridden or driven on the street to wear a diaper device. Horses aren’t exactly common to see on the street, even in this rural community, but the issue arose during their annual Pioneer Days Parade, when some horse owners who drove or rode their horses failed to pooper scoop. Now everyone’s paying the price–about $80, to be exact, since that’s the cost of a Bun Bag, one of the more popular diaper devices for horses.

“There were some horses involved in Pioneer Days Parade and some of these owners did not have their horses diapered and some of these owners did not clean up their mess,” said Marlinton Councilman Norris Long in an interview with the Register-Herald. “Now people no longer have the option. If you can’t clean up after your horse, you can’t be there.”

Will citizens follow the ordinance? Will next year’s Pioneer Days parade horses scare the poop out of themselves when they make a diaper deposit? Who knows…but I do know that horsey diapers make me giggle.

Go Riding.

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