Celebrity ‘Oh Crap’ Moments

All equestrians learn about the laws of gravity at some point during their riding career… even celebrity equestrians.

Watch Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco recount her freak accident during her 4’3” jumping lesson in 2010.

And who could forget Paris Hilton’s infamous tumble on The Simple Life.  She’s lucky she didn’t rip out that belly ring.

Even superheroes can have trouble with their steeds, as we learned from Chris Hemsworth after his Snow White and the Huntsman dive.

And the whole world gasped when Johnny Depp’s coccyx was nearly trampled during filming of The Lone Ranger.

But my personal favorite is former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones’s valiant attempt at foxhunting on his reality travel show Dhani Tackles the Globe (Season 1, Episode 3).


Dhani stated, “If you ever decide to try this, it’s probably a good idea to have ridden a horse before.”

Truer words were never said, Mr. Jones.


Know of any other great celebrity spills and thrills?  Shout out in the comments section!

Go Riding!


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