Best of Craigslist: ‘Battle of the Sales Photos’ Edition

Sometimes these things just make you stop and wonder: Couldn’t they come up with a better sales photo than THAT?

Peruse these sales photos (click on any image to be taken to the original ad) and vote for your favorite in the poll below!

1. Peeing Horse

Submitted by Jen.

2. Pro Photography


Book your outdoorsmen or women’s senior portraits with any of our horse models! Don’t let this special opportunity pass you by, as space is limited. Choose from a sophisticated hunter/jumper model to our cowboy or girl special! Does your senior just love the beast? We’ve got the right horse model for you too!! We provide quality tack and horse model with an amazing Fall backdrop! Reasonable packages available! Book today!!

Submitted by Jen.

3. Trick Rider Not Included

Submitted by Gretchen.

4. Horse In a House


5. Feats of Strength

Submitted by Presley.

6. A Registered What-What?

Submitted by Ashlynn.

7. Homemade Horse Trailer

From Emmalee.

Ladies and gentlemen, your votes….

Of course, they are all winners in our hearts.

BONUS AD! This one, sent in by reader Casie, is pretty great: “If I wasn’t happy at my current barn I would board here!”


Seriously, we need boarders to fill our empty stalls before I fill them with horses for myself and I REALLY don’t need any “divorce horses”. Wait…you don’t know what “divorce horses” are?! Ok, I’ll tell you: “divorce horses” are the horses you don’t need but you find at remarkable prices that are once in a lifetime horses (yeah right) that you bring home and your husband gets so mad that he threatens you with divorce lol I have enough horses of my own and don’t need anymore so we need to get a few more boarders in before I start shopping. I kinda like being married but then there are days when I like my horses more….
I have a couple of stalls open right now and I really would like to have them filled before this scary winter comes. (It’s supposed to be worse than last year!?!) I love coming into the barn to do nightchecks and hearing everyone munching on their hay or snoring curled up in a little horseball. That’s almost as nice as coming out to the pasture on a warm sunny day and finding everyone laying down being lazy and scaring the passers-by into thinking I have a pasture of dying horses lol (remind me to tell you that story!)
The horses here are very well taken care of and enjoy their lives here. They are treated like horses should be, out most of the time with a cozy stall to sleep in, lots of grass (or none at all. I have a dry lot for those who can’t have grass.), plenty of room to run and kick up their heels, it’s horsey heaven here. Plus, with us being so convenient to everything, you will like it here too so it can be your little slice of heaven as well! Tractor Supply and Lusters Saddlery are right down the road so it can be a little dangerous for you too!
We have different boarding packages and while we would like to charge $1,000,000.00 a month, I think our prices are pretty reasonable: partial care ($200/month), full care with a feed discount ($275/month), and full care ($350/month). We don’t offer pasture boarding but the horses are out so much that it is almost like they are on pasture board. It’s healthier for them to be out and easier for me as the stalls are cleaner 🙂 Winter was so brutal last year and with Mother Nature threatening to one-up herself this year, we want everyone to have a safe, comfortable place of their own so no one gets bullied out of shelter. And we have a heated tackroom so you have a place to warm up your toes and a couple of cool barn cats that can warm up your lap.
We offer a variety of options to give you peace of mind including buying your own feed or we will purchase your feed (within reason and only available with full care boarding. Talk to me about this.), we feed orchard grass hay year round, have fresh water, lots of places to ride (trails and an outdoor ring, fields) and even a husband to entertain your husband so yours doesn’t have to be bored while you ride! (My husband likes: fishing, working on cars, riding quads, hunting, and making fun of us crazy horse women. Does this sound like your husband too? Perfect! bring him along. They can have playdates.)
I can write a huge narrative about everything that we offer here but really, you need to email me so we can discuss things more. (I’m sure you’re bored reading this by now!) We are pretty flexible and work with our boarders to make sure that they have the peace of mind they need boarding their horses here. We aren’t perfect. We aren’t a big barn full of lessons and show weekends. We are an easy going, laid back private barn that’s run by a good middle aged (not sure when that happened!)couple with years of experience riding, competing and taking care of horses with a sense of humor (if you couldn’t tell already!) that likes to enjoy bar-b-ques and bonfires with good people.
So if you are a new horse owner needing some guidance from your barn owner, a parent of a horse nutty kid, an experienced horse person looking for a quieter place but like to have fun and have a good attitude then shoot me an email about what you are looking for in your next barn. Tell me about what your horse is like and we can see if we would be right for each other, kinda like but for horseowners looking for a new barn!

I need to fill these stalls ASAP because there’s this cute Appendix I have my eye on…and a spotted mini mule so please, save me from getting divorced!

disclaimer: while the above post is written humorously, the poster wants you to know that she is happily married and is NOT in danger of getting a divorce.

Cute. Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.


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