Best of Craigslist: ‘Barbie Dream Bridle’ Edition

Seriously, when I was 13 I would have killed for this bridle.

The rest of today’s lineup: Adventures in taxidermy, a ponny, somebody’s $1,200 estate sale mistake, a mom in the market for an unbroken “project” horse for her 8-year-old daughter, a “short-person horse-haflinger,” and much more!

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From Cheryl: “This Craigslist post is just plain odd and creepy.”


Classic 1986 bay mare for sell, salvage only. 3 good legs, lots of parts to restore any model 1975-1988 warmblood horse. thought Id fix this horse up but just dont have time with other projects. hate to see it sit out all winter, so priced to go. $200 or will trade for 80s paint, appaloosa, palomino parts or projects.

From Teresa:


From Jenny: “A fool and his money are soon parted…”


I have an antique english saddle for sale. Bought it through an estate sale for $1200, so this is quite a price drop!
I NEED this saddle gone within a week’s time, so serious inquiries only, please! I have bills to pay!

$900 or best offer!

From Jimi: “Most redneck ‘living quarters horse trailer’ I have ever seen.”


Posting for a friend — camper trailer with 2 horse or four wheeler compartment ,26 foot long ,triple axle with new brakes and bearings,has toilet ,shower and cook stove ,pulls great,gooseneck type hitch if you have ??

From Addie: Please, nobody sell this woman their pony.


From Jessica:Should we be concerned that this colt was not only ridden as a yearling, but ridden enough to be shown?


From Allen: “A real fixer-upper!”


From Denise: “Everyone is having a blast except the little kid in the back, who is clearly terrified in every picture.”


From Anne: “Uh, interesting photo choice.”


From Patricia: “But first, let me take a selfie.”


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