44 Barn Aisles That Will Take Your Breath Away

The sight of your horse’s head poked over its stall door, nickering for breakfast, is enough to make any equestrian happy. But if it just so happened to be in one of these barn aisles? Let the swooning commence.


What’s your dream barn style?

From Wellington posh…

Two Swans Farm (Wellington, Florida)

Two Swans Farm (Wellington, Florida)

…to European palatial…

The Royal Stables at Christiansborg Castle (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The Royal Stables at Christiansborg Castle (Copenhagen, Denmark)

…to Texas rustic…

Lake|Flato Architects

Or at least “rustic” compared to some of these other barns. By Lake|Flato Architects.

… to Martha Stewart contemporary…

Like literally, this is Martha Stewart's barn in Bedford. Source:  thatkindofwoman.tumblr.com

Like literally, this is Martha Stewart’s barn in Bedford, New York.

…your fantasy barn aisle is probably in here somewhere. Take the tour — click on any thumbnail to see the full-size photo — and careful not to drool too much on your computer, m’kay?

Note: We tried to trace each photo back to its source but weren’t able to do so for all of them, in which case we just included whatever information we had. If you recognize a barn we weren’t able to identify, please leave a comment below or email the editor at [email protected].

Go Riding!


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