Tuesday Video from Dubarry: ‘Sea Horses’ Trailer

“The story behind the wild horses of the Outer Banks is one of epic proportions. Sand and salt, winds and tides have come together here along these ribbons of sand that we call barrier islands, to shape and mold one of the most unique horses on Earth.”


So begins two filmmakers’ explanation of the impetus behind Sea Horses, a proposed documentary and the dream of Executive Producer Jared Lloyd and Field Producer Doug Gardner. The film focuses on the story of the Banker Horses, a breed of feral island horse living on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. This small, hardy breed is descended from domesticated Spanish horses brought to the Americas during exploratory missions in the 16th century. They are thought to have wound up on the barrier islands having survived shipwrecks or abandonment from galleons that had run aground the islands’ shoals.

“Their past is a shadowy one, punctuated by shipwrecks and lost colonies, all dating back to the age of exploration. Through hurricanes and nor’easters, tidal surges and drought, these horses have not so much survived as they have thrived in the face of the very worst of Poseidon’s wrath.

Sea Horses, is an ambitious undertaking that weaves together the incredible story of the wild horses that live upon the barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. History, science, and the driving force that connects all life on Earth – the unwavering determination to survive –is set against a stunning visual feast of imagery in this film, that will not soon be forgotten.

Watch the trailer:

It’s an ambitious undertaking, and Lloyd and Gardner are currently fundraising to kickstart production on the film. Learn more about the film and how to donate here.

Many thanks to Jocelyn for the tip.

Go Dubarry. Go Riding!


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