8 Harvest-time Photos of Draft Horses in Their Element

With a few draft mules added in for good measure. Draft animals, autumn is your time to shine in the field.

If you think that the use of draft horses on the farm might seem like a practice that’s been largely outdated thanks to the invention of the tractor, you’re actually correct. But many draft horse owners and enthusiasts still like to use their horses to harvest, keeping tradition and history alive. The Amish community also cherishes its draft horses, relying on the “gentle giants” to plant, grow and harvest all of their crops. In celebration of the autumn harvest, here are eight photos of draft horses doing what they do best.

hay harvest

A team draws a thresher in Wairarapa, New Zealand. Flickr/Keith Davenport/Creative Commons License

giant hay

Two teams bring home immense loads of loose hay in southern Indiana. Flickr/Cindy Cornett Seigle/Creative Commons License

liquid manure

An Amish farmer spreads liquid manure on his fields in Pennsylvania. Flickr/Blake Griffith/Creative Commons License

threshing hay

Amish farmers binding grainĀ in St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada. Flickr/Gerhard Pratt/Creative Commons License

more hay

An Amish farmer bringing home a load of hay near Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada. Flickr/JDB Sound Photography/Creative Commons License

mules corn

A three-abreast of mules with a load of cornstalks in Pennsylvania. Flickr/Joel Galbraith/Creative Commons License

potato picker

A four-abreast put to a potato picker in northern Minnesota. Flickr/ramendan/Creative Commons License


Amish farmers baling and loading hay in Pennsylvania. Flickr/Daniel Peckham/Creative Commons License

Go Riding.

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