12 Best Equine Euphemisms

What riders say isn’t always what they mean.

Riders have their own language.  For us, words like “poll,” “hack” and “bean” simply do not mean what ordinary people think they mean. And sometimes, we use our secret code to refer to some of the less pleasant aspects of dealing with half-ton flight animals without alarming people. Such as…

He was a little fresh after some time off. “Fresh” just sounds so much more pleasant than “lethal,” don’t you think?


Flickr: Cowboy Dave/ CC


Well, that was exciting. I just saw my life flash before my eyes.

We parted company. I’m writhing in pain on a trail in the middle of nowhere and my horse is hightailing it back to the barn.

I’m thinking of sending him out for some professional training. It would be nice to watch someone else fall off my horse for once.


Flickr: Steven Lilley/ CC

Has a sense of humor. Horse is smarter than most people…and uses its powers for evil.

Lots of chrome. And that’s about the only good thing we can say about this horse.


Wikimedia Commons: John Harwood/CC

This is a really fancy horse. When a professional rides him.

Has some quirks. Like bolting and rearing.


Flickr: Greg Westfall/ CC

Horse thrives in a program. If you buy this horse and only ride on the weekend, don’t call me from your hospital bed.


Flickr: carterse/ CC

Call for pricing. No tire-kickers, especially ones on a budget.

Could be a great investment project for a professional or ambitious amateur. But definitely not a beginner lured in by the low sticker price.


Wikimedia Commons: Kerri-Jo Stewart/ CC

Not for a beginner. REALLY not for a beginner.


Flickr: Five Furlongs/ CC


Got any more? Send them our way in the comments!

Go Riding.

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