An HN ‘Best of Craigslist’ Success Story

You just never know what is going to turn up in Horse Nation’s “Best of Craigslist.” Some posts make us laugh, some make us cringe and others make us want to run right out and buy a horse just to get it out of the situation it’s in.

Every edition ends with a friendly reminder to readers that sharing an ad could change (or even save) a horse’s life: “Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. ” That’s always the goal — entertainment is just a lucky byproduct — and on a few special occasions we’ve accomplished it.

Over the weekend we were excited to learn about Horse Nation’s latest “Best of Craigslist” success story, involving an ad for a pony stallion that was sent in by reader Sandra-Jean:

10681584_709187892491757_327012493_nWhat a little sweetie-guy, right? Well that’s what reader Melissa Richardson thought, too, when she saw the ad. So she went out and bought him!


Congrats, Melissa! P.S. We’re going to need frequent updates — please keep us posted!

Here’s the latest batch of Craigslist goodness. Maybe one of them will strike your fancy! (OK, so there’s not a ton of selection today… unless you’re in the market for a mini baby daddy, a zebra, a deathtrap on wheels or horse manure.) Nonetheless…

This one is from Mary, who writes, “One-stop stud shopping. Small, medium and large. What more could you want?”


Rachael stumbled upon this interesting one: “Browsing horse trailers, and came upon a zebra for sale…???”


From Alexandra: “Found a true gem of a horse trailer today… Holds two horses (maybe!).”


Another Alexandra find: “And here’s FREE MANURE from THREE GREAT HORSES THAT CAN POOP!” Are we supposed to be impressed by this? Hmmmmm.


Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.


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