You Wore WHAT to the Barn?! Presented by Hamilton BioVet

Pajama pants, cocktail dresses, those brand new sneakers you SWORE you were only wearing to the gym… admit it, you have some wardrobe boundary issues.

Photo: Stan Grossfeld/Boston Globe

From Sally:

My boyfriend makes fun of me because I am a total softshell addict. I only have four, which really isn’t much considering how much I wear them. If I see a jacket I like, chances are I’m going to snap it up. The other reason I like jackets, though, is because of how easy they are to layer and, therefore, wear to the barn.

Whenever I ride in the cooler weather, I find that I start with a bazillion layers and gradually end up with a t-shirt and a pile of jackets and vests hanging from a jump standard while my poor coach scratches her head in confusion. My point is, though, that just about every piece of clothing I own has, at least at some point, been worn to the barn, whether or not I purchased it for that purpose. Bet that happens to you, too, right?

Watch and relate:

Now, while I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same as the girl in the lovely white dress in the video above, I can say that I at least try to draw the line when it comes to wearing “nice” or new clothes to the barn. But, inevitably it always seems that I can’t stay away, even with my new jacket that was totally purchased for date night.

Luckily for us, the UltrOZ therapeutic ultrasound system, sold by Hamilton BioVet, is totally wearable in the barn – in your horse’s stall, standing in the cross ties, or just about anywhere else. It’s nice to be able to find a product that is portable and convenient to use without worry of damaging it or (gasp!) getting it dirty. Can we invent a versatile barn coat that’s like this too? You know, repels barn smells so when you step out in public later that day you don’t get the traditional crinkled nose and rolled eye look?

What about you, HN? Where do you draw the line on what not to wear to the barn?

And while you’re at it, be sure to check out the awesome UltrOZ system brought to you by Hamilton BioVet!


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