Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak: Abscesses — How to Deal

Abscesses, man. They ruin everything. One minute you’re on a roll, gearing up for the next big competition, and the next your horse is limping around like it has a broken leg. What gives?

It’s a storyline I’m all too familiar with. Here’s the message I came home to earlier this month after the World Equestrian Games from Ridgemor Farm’s commander-in-chief Tally:

UntitledYep. That was three weeks ago and we’re still trying to clear the stinkin’ thing out. When Esprit does something, he does it big…

WNC Photo.

Too much, dude. WNC Photo.

— abscesses included. And also, of course, he is great about timing it smack dab in the middle of event season.

As horse owners, at least there are a few things we can do to expedite the healing process. In this video SmartPak Hoof Health Consultant, Danvers Child, CJF, helps us understand horse hoof abscesses, from signs to treatment.

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