15 Absolutely Stunning Photos of Tack

Transport yourself to the tack room with these amazing photographs.


Flickr user Steven Lilley /CC

Flickr: Thowra_uk/ CC

Flickr: Adam Gerritsma /CC

Flickr: David/ CC

Flickr: Chris Wild/ CC

Flickr: egrego/ CC

Flickr: jenniamigo/ CC

Flickr: eric.surfdude/ CC

Mongolian saddles
Flickr: Jeanne Menj / CC

Flickr: Don Graham/ CC

Flickr: THOR/ CC

Flickr: Eric Charlton / CC

Flickr: Chase Lindberg/ CC
Available as a print here

Flickr: netg15/ CC

Flickr: Randy Heinitz/ CC

If you’re feeling crafty, all of these photos are free to use under Creative Commons. You can download them and send them out to be printed somewhere like Staples, Kinkos or Snapfish …or you can use this very cool (if inappropriately named) site to create huge pixelated (in a good, Roy Lichtenstein-ish way) versions you can print right from your computer.


Go Riding.

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