Quiz: What’s Your Sporthorse Personality?

Flickr/Grace B. H./Creative Commons License

Flickr/Grace B. H./Creative Commons License

A dressage horse, an eventer, a show jumper or something else entirely… take our quiz to find out!


At work, you’re known as being…

A) An organized, detail-oriented perfectionist. The master of spreadsheets and to-do lists.

B) A serial multi-tasker. To others your desk looks cluttered, but there’s a method to your madness, and you’re at your best when your plate is just a little too full.

C) A goal-setter. You thrive on raising the bar for yourself and your co-workers.

D) Hypercompetitive, and everyone wants to be on YOUR team.

E) Calm, cool and collected in any situation. And… stylish–your tailored pantsuit collection is ah-mazing!

E) The most fun at happy hour!


What kind of driver are you?

A) An excellent driver, thank you, unlike 90% of everyone else on the road. Why can’t people use their turn signals?

B) Skilled not only at driving, but at talking on the phone, eating a sandwich, messing with the radio and digging around for your sunglasses in the center console–all at the same time.

C) You live in the fast lane and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere without first consulting your GPS for the shortest, fastest, most efficient route.

D) A big advocate for carpooling. You enjoy the company and it saves gas.

E) Happiest when your ride has all the bells and whistles: leather interior, satellite radio and seat warmers are a must.

F) You prefer to roll down the window, crank up the jams, and let the destination come to you–unless you’re in a hurry, and then it’s “Get out of my way!!”


Your ideal vacation would be…

A) A self-guided tour of your favorite European city.

B) A cross-country road trip. Why see just one place when you can see it all?

C) Vegas, baby! You like living large and rolling the dice.

D) A trip to the beach with friends.

E) Anywhere with a spa in it. Great shopping is a bonus.

F) In the great outdoors.


What’s your favorite type of exercise?

A) Pilates, yoga or ballet barre.

B) You like to mix it up. Crosstraining keeps you from getting bored.

C) Running sprints.

D) Playing sports with friends–if it involves kicking, throwing or hitting a ball, you’re in.

E) Riding without stirrups–not!

F) Hiking or trailrunning.


What’s your sporthorse personality? Scroll down to find out!




If you picked mostly As, you’re a…

DRESSAGE HORSE: You take pride in perfect execution, but be sure to give yourself some free rein every once in a while!


If you picked mostly Bs, you’re an…

EVENTER: You thrive on mixing it up and biting off more than you can chew–just take care to not spread yourself too thin!


If you picked mostly Cs, you’re a…

SHOW JUMPER: You have a need for speed and you hold yourself to a high personal standard. Remember that it’s OK to slow down and take a breath every now and again!


If you picked mostly Ds, you’re a…

POLO PONY: You’re a team player who thrives on social interaction and is motivated by competition. Keep in mind, though, that an overobsession with winning can be counterproductive!


If you picked mostly Es, you’re a…

SHOW HUNTER: From your career to your closet, your approach to life involves a certain degree of finess. Just don’t shy away from getting your hands dirty when necessary.


If you picked mostly Fs, you’re a…

FOX HUNTER: You’re happiest when surrounded by nature and friends. Clear room in your schedule for plenty of trips to the countryside–and the pub!


How did you fare?

Go Riding!

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