What Happens When You Seek Relationship Advice From Horse People on Facebook

The scenario: Heartbroken dude wants to win his girl back by buying her a horse and asks for advice online. Drama ensues.

Warning: It’s like a train wreck. You want to look away BUT YOU CAN’T. Ready?




















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BeFunky_photo 3 (1).jpg
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BeFunky_photo 2 (3).jpg
BeFunky_photo 3 (1).jpg

I love how it starts out pretty innocuously — just a guy shopping around for a horse — and then it spirals into this giant saga where he’s really digging deep to figure out where things went wrong and random strangers are generously doling out not just horse advice, but IMPORTANT LIFE ADVICE. It’s simultaneously heartwarming and totally weird. Good luck, Christian. It sounds like you’re gonna need it.

Go Riding.

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