Welcome to Horse Nation, Total Saddle Fit!

We are very excited to announce our newest member of the HN sponsor dream team, Total Saddle Fit.

Horse Nation “residents” live all around the world and represent every riding discipline imaginable, but there’s one common denominator that ties us all together: Our love for our horses and a shared desire to keep them happy and healthy.

That extends to making sure they feel comfortable in their tackā€¦ even if it means losing our own minds in the process.


Illustration by Morgane Schmidt/The Idea of Order — check out her comics every Wednesday on Horse Nation!

Thankfully, technology is fast evolving to meet our efforts in the middle. Enter Total Saddle Fit, a manufacturer of high-end equestrian products with an emphasis on intuitive designs that make horses happier and more comfortable.

Whether it is improving saddle fit, protecting a horse’s back or simply a more comfortable piece of tack, everything we do just makes sense. And you can always be sure you are getting top-shelf quality. We stand behind our products’ function and quality so much that every item carries a 30-day 110% money back promise… yes you read that right, we will give you more than you spent if you aren’t satisfied!”

That’s a company that believes in its products, and we do too.

Total Saddle Fit understands that correct saddle fit involves more than the saddle proper. You’ve got to take into account the big picture — girths and saddle pads included.

Total Saddle Fit’s Shoulder Relief Girth line emphasizes shoulder freedom, utilizing an intelligent design that allows for full range of shoulder motion under saddle. It promotes elbow comfort as well, thanks to recessed ends that move the girth away from the horse’s shoulder.


Less expensive and longer lasting than a flocking adjustment, it’s the best $124 you’ll ever spend on saddle fit. The girths are available in black, brown and chestnut in both jumping and dressage styles — check out the full line here.


Shoulder Relief Girth in Limited Edition Chestnut.

Saddle pads are also a critical component of proper saddle fit. Total Saddle Fit’s Six Point Saddle Pads are anatomically designed to adjust saddle balance and weight distribution to the shape of your horse’s back. They feature 100% sheepskin and a whopping six shimming options so you can fit your saddle to your horse just like a professional saddle fitter would with a flocking adjustment.

The pads are available in half…


Six Point Saddle Pad – Sheepskin Half Pad

… and full-pad styles, in dressage and jumping shapes with and without sheepskin.

Six Point Saddle Pad

Six Point Saddle Pad – AP/Jump

Have a high withered horse? Check out the optional Wither Relief Technology, which removes pressure from the withers and trapezius muscles and allows for more pommel clearance.


Wither Freedom Sheepskin Half Pad (also available in Full Pad style)

We’re excited to welcome Total Saddle Fit on board and we know our readers are, too! We encourage you to learn more and shop on Total Saddle Fit’s website here, and be sure to “like” them on Facebook as well.

Go Total Saddle Fit, and Go Riding!


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