Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

Who here has an escape artist for a horse? Here’s some of our favorite Houdini horses that we’ve found.

I’m fortunate to have not had to deal with a horse who knows his way out of just about any sort of confinement. When you find yourself with a horse that loves to escape, a la Black Beauty, you have to find new ways to ensure your horse doesn’t make a break for freedom every chance he gets.

This horse has figured out how to push a gate open – hey, if she were ever to be ridden in a competitive trail class, that skill may come in handy!

Then we have this horse, who has decided that he really doesn’t need to wear a blanket at night…

This mare has literally earned the nickname of “Houdini” for her entertaining escape, and over-eating, habits!

And of course you can’t forget our favorite Houdini horse of late:

Go Fleeceworks, and Go Riding!



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