Why Aren’t English-style Horseboxes More Popular in the States?

UK transplant Lynn Howland laments, “I don’t know why we all don’t have one. The price of a pickup and trailer is about the same!”

Top: A horsebox by Equi Trek.

From Lynn:

As a former resident of the UK my experience there has totally ruined me for life on the west coast of the United States. For your amusement I present to you one of my greatest frustrations. It may seem trivial but I feel a real sense of pain that I cannot purchase a beautiful English-style horsebox.

I present to you Exhibit A, the Alexander National, a tidy, practical arrangement featuring two stalls and overnight living quarters:




Be still my pounding heart. What is there not to like about this! No hitching up the trailer at 4 a.m. or ridiculous maneuvering in a crowded horse venue parking lot: “Oh hello. I’ve arrived in my shining silver horsebox without a ruffled hair or any trailer hitch grease on me.”

Not to mention the fabulous well thought-out storage. Shown here are lockers on horseboxes by Oakland Coach Builders:




Or if you want a larger model… Exhibit B, the six-horse Bespoke Predator from Lehel by Alexanders Horseboxes:







I can’t tell you how much I want a silver horsebox like that first one. I don’t know why well all don’t have one. The price of a pickup and trailer is about the same!

To be fair, it IS possible to acquire a horsebox in the United States. Check out this sexy video of a 2012 Euro-Van 2 Horse Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 from Frank DiBella Deluxe Horse Vans Inc. in Pottsville, Pa.

But, unfortunately, they are few and far between.

I guess I better just make myself a cup of tea and daydream before feed time.

Go Riding!


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