It’s Not Even Fall Yet and Spruce Meadows is Buried in Snow

Are we headed for another Polar Vortex this year? By the look of Spruce Meadows today, it looks like we might be.

Top photo via Spruce Meadows on Facebook.

Calgary, Alberta, the home of the storied Spruce Meadows, got massive amounts of snow dumped upon it on Monday. The early signs of “Snowmageddon” come with impeccable timing, as is always the case with Mother Nature, as the popular Canadian venue is hosting the Spruce Meadows Masters Tournament.

Photo via Spruce Meadows on Facebook.

Photo via Spruce Meadows on Facebook.

Grounds crews have spent the days following the snow storm attempting to clear the snow and make ready for the upcoming competition, but it’s looking like the weather (and perhaps some additional extreme weather in the forecast!) has forced the rescheduling of the opening day competitions that were slated to occur today.

From the Spruce Meadows Facebook page:

The Spruce Meadows Organizing Committee has determined that due to the extreme weather and hazardous conditions, opening day competitions of the Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ will be rescheduled – there will be no competitions, exhibits or entertainment programs at Spruce Meadows today.

Additionally, due to the extreme overnight snowfall and the resulting damage and hazards in and around the property, there will be no PUBLIC access to the property today.

This decision has been reached in the interest of safety given there are also no essential services currently available at Spruce Meadows today.

The 2014 Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ has been rescheduled with competitions beginning Thursday, September 11 through to Sunday, September, 14.

Photo via Spruce Meadows on Facebook.

Photo via Spruce Meadows on Facebook.

It looks like the weather will be getting back to normal in time for the weekend, but in the meantime it’s still cold temperatures and, potentially, more snow on the way for today.


We’ll keep our fingers crossed that this isn’t a sign of a terrible winter to come. After the mild summer we’ve had, I’d love to have a mild winter too!

Click here to watch a video highlighting the Spruce Meadows “Winter Wonderland.”

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