A Horsey Poem: 10 Things I Hate About Horses

I’m about to wax poetic about the ups and downs of horse ownership. Prepare yourselves…

I hate the way you poop all day.

I hate the price of all that hay.

I hate the way you roll in the mud,

after I’ve spent hours removing that crud.

I hate how sometimes you stomp and snort,

when there’s nothing to fear of any sort.

I hate the way you perfectly strike my eye when you flick your tail.

I hate that I have to clean all the parts that let me know you are male.

I hate that the judge didn’t look your way. Whatever, you’re handsome… that’s all I’ll say.

I hate that sometimes people don’t understand.

A horse is not just a horse, you’re a friend and I’m your biggest fan.

I hate that I love you so very much,

I constantly worry about everything… even your lunch.


So it was more like nine things and a really cute GIF of young Heath Ledger, whatever…  I’m a journalist, man! Not a poet!

Go Riding!


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