Monday Morning Feed From SmartPak: Go Mandy!

There was plenty of girl power on the 2014 WEG reining podium with the USA’s Mandy McCutcheon clinching Individual Bronze and Team Gold.

Upon watching her performance, HN writer Kristen Kovatch remarked, “When Mandy McCutcheon entered the pen, there was no comparison. The first woman to ever be selected for the US reining team set a new high score for the night riding her parents’ fantastic stallion Yellow Jersey, showing the horse’s outstanding ability in the circles and setting the crowd on fire with big stops. As she wiped away tears on her way out of the arena I had to cheer with her, the feminist in me celebrating a small victory as Mandy showed that she could play with the big boys.”

Fantastic job, Mandy!

SmartPak is a big supporter of Team USA reining and is a cornerstone of the McCutcheon horse care program. Mandy’s husband Tom, who has several WEG gold medals to his name as well, explains:

Whether we’re at home or on the road at shows, SmartPaks make feeding supplements simple and easy. And with the SmartPak packaging the supplements are sealed to protect the potency and freshness so we know we’re feeding the highest quality products.”  Tom McCutcheon

WEG Gold Medalist Tom McCutcheon for SmartPak from SmartPak Equine on Vimeo.

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Go SmartPak, and Go Riding!


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