Farrier Memes, or What All Farriers Are Secretly Thinking

Ain’t nobody got a dry, ironic sense of humor like a farrier. We’ve just discovered your new favorite Facebook page.

I reviewed some truths about farriers as I explored the Facebook page Farrier Memes: They appreciate it when horses are ready for them with clean, dry legs. They like getting paid on time. They prefer it when the help is actually helpful. They’re suspicious (at least humorously) of vets and barefoot trimmers, and they like nothing better than a nice cold pint at the end of the day (this last truth might be shared among all horsemen, come to think of it).

Despite all of the times we as horse owners have failed to have our horses adequately prepared for the farrier, been a little late in paying the bill, lingered too long around the anvil telling them all about the latest vet bills, expensive clinic or the messy breakup we had with our last ex-boyfriend, they keep coming back every six to eight weeks and they keep on laughing (with us or at us, we still can’t be sure.)

So for all the farriers out there, this one’s for you–a selection of my favorites from Farrier Memes. (Caution: the original page has some memes including strong language.)

bad time

chuck norris










Go thank your farrier. (Or better yet, give him a beer.)

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