WEG Wrapup: It Ain’t Over Till Someone Showjumps in Their Underpants

…which did happen, so, naturally, now the games can end.

Despite rain, awful event planning, and the FEI’s terrifying Horsify Me app, somehow all eight events of the World Equestrian Games are now over and done with until 2018.  Here’s what happened on the last day:



  1. Jeroen Dubbeldam (Netherlands)
  2. Patrice Delaveau (France)
  3. Beezie Madden (USA)
  4. Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (Sweden)

The Dutch did it again. Dubbeldam brought another gold medal to his country in showjumping–just another drop in the bucket, as the Netherlands is finishing the World Equestrian Games with the most medals of any country (18).

No faults for Dubbeldam–or Beezie’s horse, Cortes C. He was the only horse of the four that all four riders jumped clear. Where’s his medal?


  1. Boyd Exell (Australia) – 125,83 points
  2. Chester Weber (USA) – 126,60 points
  3. Theo Timmerman (Netherlands) – 133,88 points

Boyd Exell defends his title. This is his third time winning gold at WEG…but what will happen in 2018? (Hopefully more lady drivers kicking butt.)

And speaking of ladies…the only WEG press release all about female drivers is about the difficulty of finding a hairnet and a good-looking hat? Seriously? That’s the only news-worthy thing to say about female drivers???


Misdee Wrigley-Miller really did have the best hat though.



Awards, heartfelt speeches, music, blah blah blah. Let’s get to the zorse and the naked men.


Not to be species-ist, but I’m still not really sure why the zorse was even there. But it was pretty cool.

Now this…I totally understood why it was included.

Stay weird, France. WEG, see you on the flip side, hopefully with a new operations team.


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