WEG Wrapup: Eyes to the Finish Line

One more day! Are you sad?

Top photo: GermanyÕs Christoph Sandmann was the fastest in the Driving marathon of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy. (Marie de Ronde-Oudemans/FEI)



  1. McLain Ward and ROTHCHILD (USA)
  2. Jeroe Dubbeldam and ZENITH SFN (Netherlands)
  3. Patrice Delaveau and ORIENT EXPRESS (France)

Final Four Competitors (tomorrow)

  • Jeroen Dubbeldam (Netherlands)
  • Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (Sweden)
  • Beezie Madden (USA)
  • Patrice Delaveau (France)

Close, but no cigar for 19-year-old phenom Bertram Allen. Close on the heels of French rider Patrice Delaveau, Molly Malone and Bertram finished in fourth place for individual showjumping, but their overall ranking (brought down by the second qualifier) wasn’t quite enough to make it to the final four.

Walk the course from today online. Horse and Hound has been posting showjumping course walks, which is great for we armchair spectators of the World Equestrian Games! My favorite: the giant red lion.

What is the Final Four? After completing a round with their own horses, riders will switch mounts, with just three minutes to warm up, and two practice jumps. After riding each horse once, the rider with the fewest faults wins. Should be an exciting competition!



  1. Boyd Exell (Australia)
  2. Chester Weber (USA)
  3. Theo Timmerman (Netherlands)


  1. Netherlands–263.19
  2. Germany–277.56
  3. Hungary–283.63

The course was fast, and the carriages were sliding–just as expected.

Chester Weber has his hands full. And not just with four horses–he and his wife welcomed a new baby boy on August 17. I can only imagine that he’ll have a LOT of nights on baby duty to make up for his time in France!

Way to change the game plan. He did get stuck momentarily at obstacle 6, but it looks like Boyd Exell’s special order of indoor wheels worked out perfectly for him, as the marathon portion moved him up from second place.


Tomorrow: Showjumping Final 4, Driving cones

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