WEG Social Media Corral: No One Actually Rode Horses Today

Unless you count vaulting, but they spend way more time leaping about. We’ll bring you the best of social media daily!

Top photo: normandie2014 on Instagram

A candidate for the most-epic-face-of-the-WEG award.

So for any of you readers out there who love groundwork but don’t ride, know that there is legitimately a WEG discipline in which you can 100% dominate.

Show jumpers, at last demonstrating that they have a little bit of personality in the social media game.

Four perfect horses driven masterfully…if this isn’t beauty I don’t know what is.

How they can handle all of this in the one-handed part of the test is beyond me…

At the height those vaulters are flying, this is a serious safety consideration and I hope the FEI has it under control.

Vaulters clearly see the world a little differently from the rest of us.

Sorry but we’ve got to go back to Chester for a minute again here. Also, a prerequisite for grooming for Chester must be that you don’t get nauseous sitting backwards like that.

Staggering numbers…except oddly they seem to glaze over the entire cluster that was eventing.

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