5 Free Horses

Each week we feature five free horses from around the country who are in search of a “forever home” — like Tequila, pictured above. Could you be their new family?

Tequila – Colorado

“Tequila is a 14 year old mare, and a great trail horse. She is a quarter horse with zebra markings on her legs and exquisite line back dun coloring. She has a moderate temperament but can be stubborn at times about leaving the barn so she needs an intermediate or above rider that enjoys a horse with some get up and go and spirit to go with it.  She is a GREAT HORSE, nothing wrong with her, I just cannot afford to keep her on my teacher’s salary anymore. If you can provide a good, loving home, please contact me! She deserves it!  She is currently completely up to date on all shots.”


Lily – Connecticut

“Older mare, previous school horse, has been in a run-in/pasture for a number of years. Tall for a pony and small for a horse. Looking for a nice place to retire.  Don’t know breed, siring or actual age as she was a gift to us when kids were doing therapeutic riding about 8 years ago.”


Charm – Oklahoma

“Charm is approximately 20 years old but doesn’t show her age! She is a very easy keeper! Currently she is barefoot and only needs trimming about every 8 weeks. She is dead broke so would be good for a beginner or child, but still has tons of get up and go! She was previously used as a trail horse but also appears to have some other training. She goes off the leg and rein, both direct and neck reins, goes bareback and under the saddle. Has a very good whoa and lope pick up! Has very good ground manners. If you are interested in this great girl please just send a message!”


JJ – Pennsylvania

“JJ’s situation has changed which is why he is listed for free. JJ has a lesion on his superficial flexor tendon on his right hind. The owners think he slipped into a wooden fence and injured his tendon as well as has a few wood splinters now in his tendon which will need surgery to remove. We are waiting to hear about a cost and timeline for this surgery. His owners want to find him a wonderful home that has the skills to handle a horse on stall rest and has the experience to safely manage his rehab to his return to full work. The vet feels his prognosis for soundness and return to hunting is excellent. He needs stall rest….probably 2-3 months and then rehab. Contact me if you are interested in hearing about the treatment plan. His owners will consider giving him away to someone with excellent references who is willing to give him the time necessary to do the rest and rehab and then have a great hunting partner. All ultrasound results and vet reports will be shared.”


Brodie – Florida

“Brodie is a retired jumper and Eq horse . I got him three months ago for my daughter who wants to do low level hunters. I did not vet him and should have. He cannot jump anymore due to his hip joint – recent X-rays show loss of cartilage and minor arthritis. The vet said he is suitable and most happy being a trail horse. Anyone interested is welcome to contact the vet. I am not asking for money – but it is imperative he goes to a good home. He is absolutely the kindest horse we have owned and deserves to be cared for and treated properly. It’s unfortunate his previous owner did not disclose his health situation, as we would not have started to jump and work him in preparation for shows. He gets along with all horses and his favorite snack is granola bars!!”

DISCLAIMER: This is your friendly Horse Nation reminder that we know nothing about the horses listed other than what the seller provides.  Please do your research and remember that every horse is a HUGE responsibility!

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