WEG Wrapup: Showjumper Falls, More Vaulting ‘Airs Above the Ground’

Another day of soaring competition.


Individual (provisional)

  1. Patrice Delaveau and Orient Express HDC (France)
  2. Beezie Madden and Cortes C (USA)
  3. Rolf-Goran Bengtsson and Casall Ask (Sweden)

Team (provisional)

  1. Netherlands–4.83
  2. USA–8.72
  3. Germany–8.82

A serious fall for Tomas Couve Correa at fence 8. He was treated initially behind screens in the arena, and then brought to the hospital. The official statement says he was conscious for the ambulance ride, and his condition was not life-threatening. His horse Underwraps was unharmed.

Beezie made the a clear round look easy, even though she’s just recovering from breaking her collarbone in May. As she does.


FEI course map

The jumps got a little taller and a lot more crazy. A giant, creepy hand holding paintbrushes. A Norman tapestry. A freaking pirate ship. Course designer Frederic Cottier did not hold back on the creativity for today’s showjumping!

Don’t miss Beezie Madden’s commentary on the crazy jumps around minute 33 of Chez Philip.


Women’s Individual Freestyle

  1. Joanne Eccles and W H Bentley (Great Britain)
  2. Rikke Laumann and GHOST ALFARVAD Z (Denmark)
  3. Simone Jäiser and LUK (Switzerland)

Men’s Individual Freestyle

  1. Jacques Ferrari and POIVRE VERT (France)
  2. Nicolas Andreani and JUST A KISS (France)
  3. Erik Oese and CALVADOR 5 (Germany)


  1. Germany–8.390
  2. Switzerland–8.357
  3. Austria–7.907


Youtube: feichannel

Vaulting continues to baffle all of us…especially those of us who can’t even manage this while on solid ground.


Youtube: feichannel

But that style though. I could see this being an American Apparel ad. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Jacques Ferrari and the French team show vaulting genius. Ferrari has held tight to his #1 spot, and Nicolas Andreani did a repeat performance of his Einstein-themed freestyle from the FEI World Cup–picture perfect, except for a fumble on the landing.

Up next: Driving dressage day 1, Vaulting pas de deux, more showjumping.

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