WEG Wrapup: Jumping and Vaulting

Both showjumpers and vaulters showed the world some impressive leaps today!



  1. Bertram Allen and MOLLY MALONE (Ireland)
  2. Patrice Delaveau and ORIENT EXPRESS (France)
  3. Gregory Wathelet and CONRAD DE HUS (Belgium)

Team (provisional)

  1. France–2.08
  2. Sweden–3.01
  3. USA–4.72


Course map, FEI

Youngest rider of the group wins the class for Ireland. 19-year-old Bertram Allen held strong to his winning 77.01 score though over a hundred trips came after his.

The need for speed! In today’s 1.5 meter speed class, the time limit was 120 seconds, but all of the top 10 riders made it in under 80 seconds.

I only saw a few things that would George Morris a (mild) heart attack. At least while I was watching, I didn’t see any crazy colored stirrups, and even the fly bonnets were in pretty conservative colors. But for the love of all that comes from the hunt field–Safety pin those ties down!




  1. Austria (7.873)
  2. Germany (7.852)
  3. Switzerland (7.757)

Women’s Compulsory Round 1

  1. Rikke Laumann and GHOST ALFARVAD Z (Denmark)
  2. Joanne Eccles and W H BENTLEY (Great Britain)
  3. Simone Jäiser and LUK (Switzerland)

Men’s Compulsory Round 1

  1. Jacques Ferrari and POIVRE VERT (France)
  2. Nicolas Andreani and JUST A KISS (France
  3. Viktor Brüsewitz and HIGHLANDER 82 (Germany)

A tight race in the squad division. The top 3 scores are separated by just about two-hundredths of a point.

Does anyone else just find vaulting kind of alarming? Head, hips, heel. Not heel, hips, head.

Ooooh shiny! Kind of makes you not feel as bad about having to wear white breeches for competition when you see the crazy leotards and unitards vaulters wear.

Tomorrow: Combined driving-dressage, jumping, vaulting.

Go Riding!

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