WEG Social Media Corral: All Kinds of Jumping

As in, the kind you do with horses over obstacles, and the kind you do off of horses with flips to music (also called vaulting.) We’ll bring you the best of social media daily!

Yes, this happened today. Well done, kid.

19-year-old horses competed too, apparently!

Valiant attempt, Norman.

Ah, yes, of course, it makes so much more sense now.

Today’s leader Bertram Allen and his picture-perfect mount Molly Malone V.

Once again, Twitter is killing it in the best-of-social-media race.

Vaulting: a sport both for gymnasts who like horses, and people who are really good at lunging.

Vaulting: for the most athletic among us.

Australian vaulters demonstrating their excellent teamwork.

FEI, I’m not pleased that you are helping to continue this terrifying horse-mask trend.

Combined driving: four horses x three days = many chances for excitement.

And that’s how we like it.

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