6 Pool Noodle Obstacles

Check out these six obstacles guaranteed to make your horse more confident and have neighbors question your judgement in lawn decor.

1) Dr. Octopus (pictured above)

The center PVC rotates freely in its base, moving the noodle arms with the horse as it passes through.

Pinterest via barwranch.us


2. Dangly Bits

Make sure this obstacle is tall and wide enough that your horse can pass through freely. Trust me… I learned that the hard way.

Pinterest via Natural Horse World Store


3.  The Noodle Uprising

I found the easiest way to create this one was to fit a very small piece of PVC in the bottom of the noodle and through the wood pole. Make the piece long enough to form a joint, but short enough that it won’t be hard if the horse steps on it.

Pinterest via Confident Horse


4. Minecraft

Bore a hole in the barrel.  Stick a noodle in.  Mayhem and squeezing games ensue.

Pinterest via Cowgirl Adventure


5. Maze Runner

Again, narrow pieces of PVC inserted through the noodles help this obstacle stay rigid.

Pinterest via Lauren McCormick


6.  The Big Chill

The instructions for this one are sized for small kids, but with a little tweaking this could easily be upsized for equines.

Event Horizons

From my experience, pool noodles left outside 24/7 have on average a three to six month lifespan before they begin to flake. While still useable, I don’t like the idea of those pieces blowing around in my arena sand.

Go Riding!

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