WEG Wrapup: No Competition Today, So Let’s Just Watch GIFs

Seems like a good idea.

Top image: Twitter/normandie2014

Today, showjumpers and vaulters have practice rides in the D’Ornano stadium and Zènith stadium in Caen. While we’re waiting for the action to pick up again, let’s revisit some of the best moments of last week :

Number one, in my book, was everything Valegro did. I have a not-so-subtle infatuation with him.

So. Perfect.

I especially love Valegro’s beautiful behind.

Oh yeah, but there were also other dressage riders. Including the first South African team to compete at WEG, and on a breed new to WEG as well–a Friesian.


And who could forget the enthusiastically cantering Germans, who won the team Grand Prix?


The sheer variety of countries represented in reining was amazing. I still wonder how they manage to explain their particular equine habit to all their dressage rider and showjumper friends in their home countries.

Finland’s Kari Vepsä

Team USA in reining presented a united front–from supporting each other behind the scenes, to helping the more vertically challenged members of the team up onto the medals podium.

Seriously, how can a horse even do that?

South African reiners Colette Erasmus and Sergeant Chex

Para-dressage provided plenty of suspense as well–particularly of note was Rixt van der Horst’s surprise win in Grade II competition over fan favorite Natasha Baker.

Natasha Baker and Cabral


Eventing, of course, had its ups and downs. Literally.

Boyd Martin and Shamwari–clear round!

Mark Todd and Leonidas

And I don’t know how riders and horses managed after an exhausting day of XC. (I don’t blame you buddy–I wouldn’t jump that scary, airy thing either!)

Sandra Auffarth winning individual gold and helping Germany secure the team gold.

In other news, this week I discovered that if you leave gif-making software to its own devices, you get gifs that look like horses are ice skating. Which is kind of cool and kind of terrifying at the same time.

Go Riding.

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