WEG Social Media Corral: Vaulting Is Coming

With no competition today, things were quieter on social media (except for those crazy vaulters.) Get ready–we’ll bring you the best of social media daily!

If the vaulters keep doing things like this, it’s going to make it very easy to spot them in public.

Meanwhile the show jumpers are all about working hard and looking absolutely professional at all times. No public feats of gymnastics for these folks (other than, you know, the whole leaping over things while balancing on a moving animal.)

Ok, so let’s guess–is this a vaulter or a show jumper?

And what about this one? (This could actually be a show jumper horse pretending to be a vaulter…)

And don’t forget driving either–starting soon!!

Feeling the love.

This, my friends, is truly what the WEG is all about.

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