‘Just Got Knocked Out by a Horse, No Big Deal,’ Says New Mexico State Student Who Got Knocked Out by a Horse

…yeah, and? Happens all the time.

Just before the kickoff of New Mexico State’s first football game of the season, student Zaina Atyani was working on some of the pregame activities when a horse (the school’s mascot Keystone, ridden by Pistol Pete) body tackled her.


I think that rider may need to work on steering! Though maybe the horse, Keystone, could make a great jousting prospect.

Sports sites everywhere are going crazy about the tackle…to which I say: Oh honey. If someone wrote an article about every one of my horse-related faceplants, I would be famous.

Thankfully, Zaina wasn’t injured. And props to her for not letting it bother her.

Go Riding!

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