WEG Wrapup: Eventing and Horseball, Because Why Not?

After a rollercoaster of emotions, eventers have their final placings. Plus, horseball?

Top photo: Wikimedia Commons, Fioravante Patrone /CC



  1. Sandra Auffarth and OPGUN LOUVO (Germany)
  2. Michael Jung and FISCHERROCANA (Germany)
  3. William Fox-Pitt and CHILLI MORNING (Great Britain)


  1. Germany–177.9
  2. Great Britain–198.8
  3. Netherlands–246.8

Bittersweet victory: Harry Meade, who lost his horse Wild Lone after the cross-country phrase yesterday, received a silver medal with the rest of his team for Great Britain.

Is anyone else obsessed with slow-mo? Because the FEI’s wrapup video today totally scratches my itch for dramatic equine slow-mo jumping.


Team France for the win!

Horseball, a sport not to be confused with horse soccer, has been featured at WEG this weekend as an exhibition at the Saint Lô venue in La Manche. Horseball has been compared to basketball, Quidditch and pato (Argentina’s national game where the ball was originally a duck, or pato, in a basket).  Here’s a great guide from CNN on what the heck horseball is. Apparently it can get pretty intense.

Go Riding.

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