WEG Social Media Corral: Adventures With Toilets

Or, how many people will take to the internet to complain about the infrastructure? We’ll bring you the best of social media daily!
Top photo by kiwinky on Instagram.

I guess Normandy finally figured out what everyone else was too polite to say (maybe.)

Then again maybe not. Will these French toilet jokes EVER get old?

Twitter, you are busting out some excellent points today.

No one had a better performance today than the French cheering squad.

William Fox-Pitt demonstrating his ability to fly.


Seriously, the Dutch eventing squad loves taking selfies.

Show jumping will start on Tuesday! Jumpers faced the jog today.

Brace yourselves, Normandy, because Boyd Exell is coming to you–arguably the top driver in the world and definitely the craziest Aussie ever at the lines. Driving starts on Thursday!

And we’ll close today with this absolutely amazing photo of Team Brazil, aka Jersey Boys.


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