WEG Social Media Corral: Just Keep Swimming

Despite tragedy, eventers and reiners alike kept on keeping on throughout the day. We’ll bring you the best of social media daily!
Top photo from McQuay Stables on Facebook.

Original caption “Say hi to the media bus. It took 3 hours instead of 1.5 to get out of the eventing.” Ho boy…sounds like fun.

This comparison proved both popular and accurate as the day wore on.

HN shares this sentiment: rest in peace, Wild Lone.

Boyd Martin, the proclaimed “bright spot for US eventing” today.

Team Canada’s Jessie Phoenix and Pavarotti at a particularly photogenic part of XC.

I think some eventers could challenge this statement, but you’re probably right.

Mandy McCutcheon–proving that you don’t need to be a cowboy OR a professional to be a big-timer in reining!

A three-medal SWEEP for USA reining in the individual finals!

Which allowed these shenanigans to happen.

And if you haven’t had enough WEG yet (and we hope you haven’t), guess who just arrived on the scene in France…

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