Instagram’s 8 Most Beautiful Images of Thursday’s Endurance Race

WEG brought us the ultimate test of a horse and rider over hours and hours and miles and miles. Instagram brought us the photos.

The race began early on Thursday morning, just as the sun was starting to rise (somewhere behind the constant clouds.)

Sections of the course cut across the French countryside, the bay just on the horizon.

No matter where the course went, Mont St. Michel seemed to dominate the background.

Some of the final sections wound along the beach of the bay, where spectators lined the way to cheer for their favorites.

The beach section made for some stunning aerial photography (I love the “vivez la France!” message in the sand.)

Parts of the course went right into the water, offering an opportunity to cool off briefly.

…but not for too long, as there were many miles left to go.

Go endurance, and go riding!


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