Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro Triumphant in WEG Freestyle!

There we go, back to normal. (Note: ‘Normal’ for Valegro means a score of 92.161%.)

Top photo: Charlotte and Valegro earlier this week, FEI TV live stream

Charlotte and Valegro pulled another amazing performance out of the bag to win the dressage freestyle at WEG today, with 9s and 10s all over their score sheet:


I mean, seriously, is this real?!
FEI Individual Marks


So to celebrate another winning test, we’ve compiled some GIF eye candy for you. Because really, who can get enough of this beautiful, beautiful rear end?

Valegro says, “I AM DRESSAGE QUEEN, HEAR ME ROAR! Or watch me pirouette, whatev.”


Let’s get some slow-mo for that the other way, shall we? Ahh…makes my heart go pitter-patter!

Charlotte & Valegro= BFFs for life.

Check out the video here:

Go Riding.

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