WEG Wrapup: Dressage, Dressage, and More Dressage. And the Jog!

Endurance and event riders prep for the insanity to begin tomorrow, and a para-dressage horse with an um, interesting name gets first.


Individual Grand Prix Special

  1. Charlotte Dujardin and VALEGRO (Great Britain)
  2. Helen Langehanenberg and DAMON HILL (Germany)
  3. Kristina Sprehe and DESPERADOS (Germany)
  4. Adelinde Cornelissen and JERICH PARZIVAL (Netherlands)
  5. Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén and DON AURELLIO (Sweden)

Charlotte and Valegro, as usual, stole the show.

Bella Rose, Isabell Werth’s horse who was scratched due to a sore hoof sole, appears to be improving. Just bad timing on that injury!


Grade Ib Individual (round 2)

  1. Lee Pearson and ZION (Great Britain)
  2. Pepo Puch and FINE FEELING (Austria)
  3. Nicole Den Dulk and WALLACE (Netherlands)
  4. Katja Karjalainen and WOIKOSKI DOUBLE U (Finland)
  5. Silvia Veratti and ZADOK (Italy)

Grade III Individual

  1. Hannelore Brenner and WOMEN OF THE WORLD (Germany)
  2. Sanne Voets and VEDET (Netherlands)
  3. Annika Lykke Risum and Aros a Fenris (Denmark)
  4. Susanne Jensby Sunesen and Thy’s Que Faire (Denmark)
  5. Ann Cathrin Lubbe and PORSBORGGAARDENS DONATELL (Norway)

Did you catch that? Hannelore Brenner rode Women of the World for Germany, winning first in the Grade III para-dressage today.

I can die happy.


Endurance horses got their vet check this morning, and they’ll start their 160 km trek tomorrow.


The jog-up for eventing took place this morning–just one horse withdrew, Ludwig Svennerstal’s Alexander. Expect a field of 98 for the dressage starting tomorrow.

Team USA heads back to the barn / Eventing Nation

Plus one hungry chinchilla.

Eventing Nation

Go Riding!

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