WEG Social Media Corral: Looks Like It’s Still Raining

…but as usual, there’s so much more than that going on. We’ll bring you the best of social media daily!
Top photo: the individual medal podium for para-dressage from @normandie2014 on Instagram.

Provided that this doesn’t make you nauseous, it’s a really cool look at the show grounds!

This is simply a beautiful image.

#mindyourmelon #helmettough

Neat perspective of the para-dressage warm-up ring and a Swedish rider.

Comment if you get the reference.

Go Charlotte! Go Valegro!

While dressage was going on, eventers and endurance riders prepared to start competition tomorrow.

Which also means there are lots of smart outfits for eventers to jog their horses.

(USA, you guys look great and imma let you finish, but Great Britain might look better.)

Endurance riders are also going through pre-race vet checks (although somehow they just don’t look quite as sharp as those eventers…)

And endurance riders also continue to scout their race course. (Stay weird, US Endurance. We at HN salute you.)

I agree! Looks like HN editor Wylie had room for everything else in her suitcase, why not me???

And to wrap up the day, horse ball. Because…horse ball.


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