Chez Philip, Episode 2: Para-Dressage and Reining Gaining Popularity

Tune in, and learn whether French cowboys get nervous, what it’s like to run a family equine business, and why some horses are just like Marmite.

In Episode 2 of Chez Philip, Phil Ghazala interviewed Italian dressage rider Valentina Truppa, French reiner Bastien Bourgeois and British para-dressage rider Natasha Baker for an all-around discussion of the first day’s competition.

Topics covered:

Do cowboys get nervous? According to Bastien Bourgeois, some do–but not him, since he’s competing just minutes from his family farm.

Why are some para-dressage horses like Marmite to Natasha Baker? Either they really like her, or they really don’t.

How do you balance family with business? For all three riders, horses are the family livelihood–which presents unique challenges when it comes to showing, judging and just sitting around the dinner table.

And what would Chez Philip be without a little dose of ridiculousness from reporter Sienna Myson-Davies? In this episode she covers the Alltech Music Festival, where she danced with fellow revelers and even got the chance to go backstage and meet Kool & the Gang.


She also met a kid who may have been up past  his bedtime:



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