Today’s 11 Best Slow-Mo Moments of WEG Dressage

The first day of the World Equestrian Games reminded me of why dressage makes my heart sing. (When other people do it.)

All GIFs created from FEI TV 

When you watch dressage at the upper levels, all of a sudden it’s crystal clear why it’s called “horse dancing” and not “too-fast-too-slow-get-OFF-the-forehand exercises.” Especially when you slow it down enough to really appreciate every step. Enjoy:


Karen Pavicic and Don Daquiri–perfectly rhythmic and smooth.

James Connor and Casino Royal‘s staccato, playful steps.

Manuel Vega and Ben Hur Da Broa had stunning collection.

Maria Ines Garcia and Kupfermann, perfectly in sync!

Pedro Tavares de Almeida and Samba in deep concentration.

Stella Hagelstam and Chopin III showing off some fancy footwork.

Kristine Sprehe and Desperados, triumphant in the rain.

Diederik van Silfhout and Arlando gave an amazing show of controlled strength.

Federica Scolari and Beldonwelt zigzag their way down the ring.

Gareth Hughes and Nadonna, rewarded for a job well done.

Go Riding!

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