Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak: Finally, Someone Explains How to Pronounce “Ogilvy”

SmartPak’s video reviews answer your most important questions.

For a while I’ve been wondering what the hype about Ogilvy pads is all about–there are a number of equestrian bloggers who use them, but since they’re pretty high-end, I didn’t know anyone personally who uses one. Most of all, though, I needed to know– is it OG-ill-vy? Ogle-vee? O-gilvy? Any way I said it, it sounded silly.

SmartPak to the rescue with a great review!

From SmartPak’s Youtube channel:

Sara from SmartPak talks about why she thinks the Ogilvy Dressage Memory Foam Half Pad ( is so smart.

It’s just like it looks, guys. “Oh-gil-vee.”

Anyway, whether you actually know how to pronounce the products you want or not, SmartPak’s got you covered.

Want to compare the pros and cons of even more saddle pads? SmartPak’s got you covered with this playlist of video reviews.

Go SmartPak, and Go Riding!

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