WEG Social Media Corral: A Day of Rest (sort of)

While most of the equestrian world is nursing a CGI-and-lightshow hangover, the athletes preparing for the start of competition on Monday. We’ll bring you the best of social media daily!

In which USA reiner Tom points out yet again that Mandy is kind of short.

All the USA reiners passed today’s jog–since the NRHA does not require the jog as part of competition, I’m going to hope that none of our noble American reiners embarrassed the nation by tripping and falling during this process.

Meanwhile the USA eventers put in their final gallop at what has got to be the UGLIEST and LEAST HISTORIC hippodrome track in all of France.

I mean, seriously, France. Get it together with the scenery. In reality, this looks like the most fun ever.

Today’s “awwww”-worthy moment courtesy of US para-dressage rider Sydney Collier and her service dog Journey.

Not to be confused with today’s AHHHH moment…apparently dressage inspection was a little too early in the morning for this guy whose hair was still in curlers.

This WEG photographer seems to be finding Normandy a bit chilly. (Hope HN’s on-site reporters packed a few layers.)

But down in the stadium, the weather seems to be just right.
Dressage and reining kick off the 2014 World Equestrian Games first thing on Monday!


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