5 Things Only Equestrians See on Their Facebook Newsfeeds

Give a horse person an internet connection, and this is what you get. Horse butt.

More times than I care to count, I’ve been procrastinating on Facebook, someone walks by, and they see something…weird. Could be a horse’s butt. Could be a giant bruise on a person’s butt. Could be a 50-page long comment war tirade against any bit other than a loose ring snaffle.

I’ve noticed that a couple categories of posts are the worst offenders. And I know I’m not the only one whose newsfeed is littered with strange and sundry horse posts, such as:


Flickr: Robin D’Alessandro/ CC

Gross injuries–both horse and human. Seriously, why do people feel the need to post pictures of the many horrifying ways horses find to injure themselves, or  the varying rainbow shades of human bruises, or worse–photos of bitten-off fingers?! (Yes, that showed up in my newsfeed last week as a cautionary tale on why you should hold a lead rope properly, and yes, I actually gagged when I saw it.) Please. Do us all a favor. Keep that nasty stuff on Snapchat.


Hilariously Offensive Horse Memes

All the drama of forums. Got a horse-related question? Think someone on one of the many groups you follow may be able to help? Prepare to be smacked down. And God forbid if you don’t understand what you’re even asking about and/or your question is about a bit.



Rachel Cone (original ad/ video–seriously, someone scoop up this adorable mare!!!)

Endless, endless temptation. Why, why do I subscribe to Event Horses for Sale? I don’t event! I’m not looking for a horse! I just have a sick addiction to torturing myself with horses I can’t own. At least guessing the price is kind of a fun game. Until I actually read the ad. Then I just cry.


Wikimedia Commons: BLW/ Public Domain

Constant updates on the minute things your friends’ horses do. Alfie loaded himself on the trailer? Star’s mane is FINALLY all pulled and even? Zeus just got trimmed? Check, check, check. For riders, this is the equivalent of posting pictures of your kids on the potty or a selfie of how your new haircut turned out.


Adorable videos that automatically play…so of course you have to keep watching. Awww. Wait, where did the last hour go?

Go Riding!

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