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The 2014 Tevis Cup is officially in the books, and Heather Reynolds has taken home the crown.Heather Reynolds had a grand time competing in the Tevis Cup this year, which we previewed here on HN. The Tevis win came with perfect timing, as Heather is now packing up to head to France to represent the U.S. at the World Equestrian Games. How’s that for a whirlwind tour? You can read all about Heather’s weekend on her blog here.

Heather competed in the Tevis Cup with French Open, or Hadea, a 14 year old Arabian gelding. She has two horses listed on the definite entries for WEG: Chanses and Wallace Hill Shade.

Chanses, a 2005 gelding, has 725 miles, 11 top 10 finishes, and three FEI wins, among many other accolades, on his record, making him a smart choice to represent on the WEG Endurance team.

This year, WEG has seen a record number of entries for the endurance discipline, with a total of 49 nations putting in nominated entries. At the final count of definite entries, 47 nations will be represented, with 173 riders and 198 horses entered to date.

In case you weren’t already excited enough for WEG, the FEI channel has plenty of material to keep your fervor to a maximum.

And don’t forget, Fleeceworks has some awesome products to supplement your Endurance tack trunk. If you’re on the hunt for some top-quality pads for your next ride, look no further!

Fleeceworks Australian Saddle Pad with Full Trim.

Fleeceworks Australian Saddle Pad with Full Trim.

Fleeceworks has three main pads in production for Endurance and Trail riders: all sheepskin, part sheepskin and part Therawool and all Therawool.

Fleeceworks Contour Pad with Sheepskin and Therawool.

Fleeceworks Contour Pad with Sheepskin and Therawool.

The pads are able to be used with shim technology and come with memory foam full inserts. In addition, all of the Eco felt inserts, which come in 1/4 inch and 1/2 width can be used with these pads.

Be sure to check out the great line that Fleeceworks offers, and get pumped for WEG!

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